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but with limited service, la guardia was the latest to reopen. >> two heroes of the super storm landed today.jiç>0@6hcjije saddest experiences of their lives. >> this couple is in a bay area for a wedding just a couple days removed from one of the most frightening events of their lives, dawn is a nurse practitioner. >> i was there during september 11th. this is on par not with loss of people but general loss of homes. it's just very sad now. >> the doctor works in new york medical center, there sunday night when the power went out. >> half night spent running around making sure life support systems were up and running. power didn't come back for the rest of the afternoon.
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it's hard to see the devastation out there and destruction out there. can't keep a straight face and doing what you're doing. it does take a toll on you. you just try to get rest and plow through. >> now, they're off to the sonoma valley for a wedding of one of dawn's cousins. >> that is%-/ñ going to take ple when? >> tomorrow morning. >> what time? >> i'm not sure. i couldn't find the invitation. it's in my house with no power. she'll tell me when i get there. >> this is touch and go whether the wedding party was going to make it here. i talked to a spokesman. he says all flights are taking off on time. >> san francisco police are asking for public's help in identifying this man. see if you recognize him. the man suspected of kicking and punching a muni station
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agent october 10th. police say he turned on the agent, which follows him down the stairs after the man went for the gate without paying. the agent suffered injuries to his head and torso. >> in oakland the community is morning the loss of a businessman shot to death during a robbery last night in the cell phone store he owned. >> laura anthony joins us where a news conference just wrapped up. >> this is an emotional news conference in front of the store given by bartly's family and the police chief. by all accounts the 50-year-old bartly was a pillar of the community. a family man who gave often, and generously to those around him. he was found shot on the floor of marcus cellular, the store he's owned since the 1960s here on international boulevard.
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he was found suffering from at least one gunshot wound on the floor of his store. bartly's family recounted the man who will be missed so much by this community. >>l yx&uch a sad, sad moment. not because of just what has been taken from us, but what has been taken from everyone else. my father was an amazing man. >> if you're the killer, turn yourself n we'll be happy to accept you without any act of violence and safe the family from the torture and torment they'll go through knowing their father's killer is out on the streets running around. >> police say they don't know if there is one suspect or more than that. the investigation is in early
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stages. shot, it appears in the course of a robbery. the family indicated that they are trying to get together some sort of fund to offer a reward for the arrest andb$0÷ prosecution of those who killed their loved one. >> now distressed homeowners getting help from the neighborhood assistance corporation of america is holding a five day event, providing counseling and meetings with lenders at no charge. >> there isqz10l so many scams t there. if you don't feed predators they can't survive. >> it's called american dream convenient running through monday in san jose. you'll find more on this on abc 7 >> new developments in a trial where a former principal is accused of not reporting a case of possible child abuse.
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>> cameras are not allowed in the courtroom but we have the latest. >> happening now a fornler principal takes the stand to explain why she didn't report a disturbing incident of she told the jury she believed what happened between him and an 8-year-old student. the third grader came to the defendant in october 2011 and says her teacher blind folded her, told her to lie down and put something gooey in her mouth. the principal says the teacher convinced her the activity was part of a lesson plan involving helen keller, sensory deprivation and empathy for the disabled. chand sler now facing felony counts. prosecutors say the principal failed in her responsibility to a child and charged wher a misdemeanor count of not reporting possible accuse. the attorney says the case will go to the jury tomorrow
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and could bring a sentence of up to six months. >> a body wash add shore in miramar beach. authorities are trying to find out who it is and what happened. the body found this morning. the sheriff says it appears to be a man in his 30s. this is the third body found along the san s6.ñ mateo coast n the last two weeks. >> thousands of registered nurses are on a one day strike, working at several hospitals in berkeley, oakland, antioch and vallejo this, is the sixth in a series of strikes over union contract differences. sutter health says replacement the hospitals. >> sweeping up yesterday, lasting impression for many is sergio romo's tee shirt. he wore a black shirt that stated i just look illegal.
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the slogan has now gone viral. ahead at 5:00 we'll take a look at the real statement romo was trying to make. >> if it looked like there are a million people at the victory parade that is because there likely were. the city just released the statistics saying a million people attended. a record number of people rely on bart to get there. with so many people in one place, san francisco police department says officers made 22 arrests. >> we had good weather for the par yaichld now, looking ahead to the weekend. >> sunshine now. spencer christian is here. >> that is right. you can look at live doppler 7 hd here and see patches of low clouds near the coast. a few broken clouds around as just a little bit of precipitation left down in the
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mount hamilton area and points south ward and eastward. light rain moving out of the now. rainfall totals impressive in spots. nearly an inch and a half at the site of our radar up in mount st. helena. coming our way we'll see clouds, getting cloudier overnight with fog by morning. by mid afternoon, partly sunny skies. high temperatures from low 60s at the coast to 70s inland. warmer the weekend ahead. we'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 aftermath of hurricane sandy. the very latest in the live report from new york. >> could the hurricane make a difference when it comes to next week's elections? one thing that already happened today. >> and a british judge says apple apology to samsung is uncool. we'll explain coming up next
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in the bloomberg after the
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residents along the east coast are beginning a long road to recovery in the wake of super storm sandy. life is far from returning to normal. there are long lines of people waiting for buses and trains. power is still out for millions. we are live in new york with the latest. brandy? >> good evening, tension is rising still, days after sandy struck, many families say they haven't received food or aid and for people who are trying to get into u.s. cities to work they've been stuck in
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gridlock. three days after sandy made land fall, thousands of families in new jersey are still trapped by flood waters. >> it's scary. we don't have that much toochld -- food. we have a little bit. >> natural gas fires continue to burn farther south. >> everywhere you go, you can hear gas. >> gas poured into the streets because you tilt crews have not been able to reach the areas to turn it off. >> frustrationoeñ is growing. at rockaways neighborhoods have been destroyed and people feel forgoten. >> i haven't seen red cross, salvation army, fema, nobody. >> it will take weeks to recover and parts of new york still are still paralyzed.
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some subway service returned and it was announced power will be restored to manhattan by saturday. with limited traffic lines are growing and people ordered to drive with three passengers are stuck in traffic or they're running out of gas while waiting to fill up. >> i had this can in the car. so i just got out of the car and walked to the gas station. >> the coast guard is helping to bring fuel into the city. new york city marathon is still a go despite criticism runners will be traveling in areas devastated by sandy. >> is there concern over looting now? >> definitely. we've been hearing small cases of looting here in new york city. the police chief told us today that they arrested more than a dozen people accused of robbing a grocery store,
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looting in a grocery store. in new jersey officers won't let some news crews along the board walk. they're concerned about looting there. they're kicking people out trying to drive by to take a look. because they think people may be coming back tonight with power still out. it's still out here in lower manhattan and that is still a concern tonight. >> thank you. >> parent company of abc 7, walt disney company is doing it's share to help. the chairman and ceo, bob iger made the announcement this afternoon. >> walt disney company is donating $2 million to relief efforts to hurricane sandy. our hearts go out to those whose lives have been turned upside down by the storm. >> you can help people affected by sandy. text the words "red cross" to
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90999 to donate $10 or you can call 1-800-red cross. you can also go to our web site for a link there. >> we have a big software merger to tell you about. >> we're live with today's after thefg bell report. hi, nicole. >> good after the noon. linkedn has posted strong earnings for the third quarter, revenue up 81%. and that is 244%. numbers of members rose as well, up 7% tok:iz $187 million. the surge comes as linkedn adds new features to keep members coming back. the report sent linkedn shares up after hours.
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a big merger about to tell you about. red prairie buying jda software group both companies manage their supply chains. red prairie is paying a 33% premium to jda's price last week. a jump in travel bookings is helping price line. the company says earnings rose 27% to more than $596 million. demand in europe stronger than estimated. shares up substantially in after hours trading. dream works posted a rise in profits due partly to the blockbuster film "madagascar 3". studios says profits rose 24%d and this as it grossed $503 million making it the
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fifth-highest grossing film of the year. day two rating from power generators in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. there were better than expected reports on manufacturing, employment and consumer confidence climbing
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>> the wards welcomed veteran art yifs to celebrate a year's worth of good music. this year, we'll see new guards taking the stage as well. >> i just get wrapped up in the excitement as a fan does. >> joining forces to lead the way for a fifth time, co-cost carrie underwood and brad paysly. >> it's fun and a challenge to be the face of cmas. that leaves a face for country music one night is a lot of fun. >> she's the face. >> he's the body. >> well... yae. more the other end, maybe. >> there will be plenty of stars to see during the show. but you can also expect these artists will be checking out red carpets as well.
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>> i haven't met willie nelson. i am excited to meet him. >> if dolly parton walks near that building... i'm going to die. >> brad paysly and carrie underwood will host tonight at 8:00 right here on apc 7. >> bay area county is accused of breaking rules but moving a woman out of her own home. >> not only did they move her out, they took out a mortgage on the house and wouldn't let her back in. there is more. a turn of events we've uncovered next. >> and a surprising move in the presidential election. unlikely supporter who is standing with president obama. >> politics of oakland city hall. now inspiration for a new tv show. plans being made now. coming up.
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president obama endorsement getting down to the last few days before the election. >> that brief cause for super storm sandy seemed like a distant memory. today, the attacks were back.
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>> their best bet is on sin yi six. >> president obama delivering a closing argument in three battle grounds. >> i know what change looks like. i fought for it. you have, too. after all we've been through together we can't give up now. >> mitt romney spending his day in virginia, a state republicans are desperate to flip. >> we're going to win on november 6th. >> he countered the president's closing arguments. >> i believe america needs real change. we're going to give to it american people. >> the latest poll still shows a tight race but new polls in three key states had president obama on top. it's now all hands on deck. vice president biden stumped in iowa. >> american people asking, who can they trust?
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>> barack obama should be the next president. >> and in ohio, ann romney got emotional as she asked for votes. >> we have come to know this country on an extraordinary level. i can't tell you how much i love it. >> michael bloomberg endorsed president obama. he had been critical of the president and mitt romney. today he said hurricane sandy reshaped his thinking and president obama will take action on climate change. >> a record number of californians now registered to vote in the election. 18 million people are eligible to cast ballots breaking the previous record set in 2009. the election officials say as many as half will vote by mail. >> the santa clara county registrar's office is ready for tuesday's election.
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a staff of volunteers and stand bys are signed up to help. officials say so far 31% of the nearly 600,000 vote by mail alts have already been returned for processing. >> that tells us there are thousands of ballots out there. we need to get them here as quickly as possible. >> to help those ballots getting in quickly the registrar will be open for extra hours. >> it's the simple regulation. you get a reverse mortgage. you must live in the home. >> why did one county move a 92-year-old woman out of her home then take out a reverse mortgage on her property? >> it's an issue more and more baby boomers are facing. as their parents age a county public guardian taking over,
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selling their home against family's wishes. the county is supposed to follow the rules. we found one case where they did not. >> my haunt love that had house, loved being home. it gave her memories of her husband. >> mondy says her aunt, 92-year-old lilly never wanted to move out of her house. she suffers from demenia. she and her husband planned to live out her last days here. >> my aunt would tell me your uncle said stay in this house. >> that is a promise lilly has not been able to keep. she says santa clara county took her aunt from the home and moved here into an assistive living facility. >> started as a family quarrel. adult protection service came in. >> some members of the family didn't like she and her father were living with lilly after her husband died. the santa clara county public
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guardian office and probate court investigated and determined puma and her father were taking advantage of her, living in the home rent free, using her money and neglecting her medical needs. they're accused of harassing the public guardian. puma and her father deny the accusations they still got evicted from the house. >> our aim is to protect them from financial or physical abuse they may have been experiencing. >> lee pole ynd says the office is making financial and health care decisions for the conservetees. >> we're going to ensure they have a comfortable life style to the degree they're able and that we can make decisions for them they're not able to make for themselves. >> one questionable decision was taking out a reverse mortgage to pay for the care.
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>> is it proper to take out a reverse mortgage, the county to do that when the spesh not living in the home? >> my understanding is that you need to live in the home. >> he is right. u.s. department of housing says a person getting a reverse mortgage must live in the home. if the borrower is gone more than 12 months the loan becomes due. lilly has been out of the house for two years now. >> we won't want to violate regulations.. >> it appears the county is in violation. they got the reverse mortgage in november, 2010 moving her out of the house october that have year, she hasn't been home since. when we first visited the home, faded tags over the door jambs indicated no one had been inside. hud is reviewing this case. >> she said i wanted to go from day one.
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>> james sully can -- sullivan says he objected to the mortgage and importantly a year ago, a probate judge ordered talks to begin to move lilly back into the home. he claims he reached out but the county didn't act. >> the county doesn't listen. the judge can't micro manage these people. the judge leaves it up to professionals.. >> if a person is doing the work, they could be held in contempt. >> the spokesman points out someone would have to tell the judge an order isn't been followed. no one told the court the order had been ignore i'd think that is fantastic. >> now, after we started asking questions, the public guardian has decided to move lilly back into her home. sources say she should be back by thanksgiving. >> i'm skeptical. when i see it, that she's here
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at home, then i'll believe it. >> we'll tell if you the public guardian office keeps its word and moves mrs. scalia back home. coming up at 6:00 county is accused of isolating clients they're supposed to serve. we'll hear from a woman who says she sfeel feels she's in prison. >> nice if she can be back in for thanksgiving holidays.. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> helping needy this holiday season. coming up how you can lend a hand at the food bank drive's move into high gear this year. >> boxes and fancy packaging. >> it seems like sunny skies. clouds will be thickening tonight. i'll tell you about the weather straight ahead.
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>> taking a look at traffic now on the san francisco skyway things are sure back to normal. there is a heavy traffic pattern for drivers. heading towards east bay... it's a bit easier for drivers heading south. stay with us. abc
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>> if you're looking for a get away keep in mind you can get into yosemite national park for free on the second weekend of november. the park service is offering free entrance in honor of veteran's day. it's been observed since 2006. keep in mind fees including camping and other activities will not are waived. >> that is spectacular shot there. thursday is a day we start looking ahead to weekend. >> that is right. >> unofficially starting on monday. >> they call it little friday. >> it's looking big right now. here is a time lapse view this afternoon looking northward. blue skies today unlike yesterday. a lovely day. nationwide calm, mild conditions. some rain into the pacific northwest and lingering showers from what was storm
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sandy. but things are calming down now in the state of california tomorrow, mainly sunny skies, clouds way up north and possibly a shower or two. mild conditions state wide. getting more encouraging here in the bay area as we approach the weekend. clouds thickening overnight tonight. by mid day we'll see partly sunny skies. relatively mild conditions high temperatures into 60s on the coast. upper 60s around the bay. up to 70 in the mildest inland locations. so i suggest you make plans to enjoy the weekend. it's going to be lovely. >> sounds like a plan. >> thank you. >> still to come, weight loss secrets. >> what researchers learned about long term success. >> coming up packaging problems from blister packs to frustrating ties.
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what companies say about all of those hard to open items, coming up next. >> and i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 giants pitcher sergio romo strikes a pose and makes quite a statement with a tee shirt. we're going to look at other statements he has worn on his sleeve throughout the years. commuting in california. habits we do well and our problem spots out there on the road. that is coming up at 5:00. news at 4:00 continues in just a moment
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checking healthy living news this afternoon researchers at stanford medical school say you need to learn how to keep pounds off before you try to lose weight. studying 267 overweight and obese women. one group spent eight weeks learning how to keep weight off. the other group focused on maintenance issues. all of the women lost about 17 pounds but a year later the early maintenance group regained three pounds. the others regained seven pounds aichl study finds a high protein diet may help you lose weight. researchers found those on a high protein diet almost almost two more pounds and extra body fat. the study published in online addition of american journal of clinical nutrition.
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>> engineers have come up with an ouchless bandage. it feels off easily without pulling away skin or hair. it's welcome news for babies whose skin tears more easily. no word on when the tape will hit store shelfs.. >> have you tried to open a package and you're sitting there and get saysors and starting to get angry? yeah. we've been there. >> therefore you are, getting angry at barbie. it's just not right. >> consumer reports says there are complaints about all sorts of packaging. opening a box of cereal shouldn't cause an explosion.
4:48 pm
consumer reports says that is one of many of the problems.. >> we get hundreds of letters, cards, e mails, from disgruntelled consumers fed up with lousy packages. >> first, oysters. several complained about the no touch kitchen systems from lysol saying it's ipe -- impervious to everything they can bring to the table. >> and then, barbie. >> there are ties gooding through her head. she's still stuck. another is down sizing. these cans are the same size, one, 11 ounces, the other, 10. the company says the reduced product volume improves function. ivory soap used to weigh four
4:49 pm
and a half ounces, now, it's just four. >> they're giving us less for your money. >> then, there is the black hole. packaging making products look bigger, take this container of velveeta shells and cheese. look at how little food is inside. and check out how little is inside this box of nice apricots.. >> companies spend $130 billion on packaging. 7% of the cost is in the packaging. it's coming out of manufacturers pockets and consumer pockets. >> consumer reports craft says it leaves room for water in the velveeta shells and cheese. ivory says it's a half ounce reduction is due to increased
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costs. >> i think toys are the worst offenders. >> yes. >> like a plastic then a tie. >> yes. >> a lot of people talking about that video of the little girl just couldn't hide her frustration with election season first, darth vader. >> trending with a look at hottest videos on you tube. spending the day at disneyland. >> he deserves time off. he works hard. a 4-year-old girl's video has
4:51 pm
gone viral online. >> i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that is why you're crying? it will be over soon, abby. okay? the election will be over soon. okay? >> okay. >> oh. >> so close to the end, hang in there. finally today's footage of a man dressed as a ghost buster. do not try this at home. >> wow. >> come here. >> who are you going to call? hopefully a lawyer. that is it for the biggest videos. see you next time, bay area. >> just ahead proposed new tv show based on oakland city government. >> get ready for big waves. when the mavericks window is
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set to open, coming up.
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>> the need to feed the hungry is ongoing. >> second harvest food bank kicked off its drive today. here is abc 7 news reporter. >> social service agencies say long term unemployment remains a problem, that is why you continue to see demand. second harvest food bank set a goal to collect two million pounds of food. it helps to feed a quarter kblinl people every month. these executives pitching in for the tenth year in a row. second harvest partners with agency that's distributes the food at 740 locations. other silicon valley companies
4:56 pm
with san francisco 49ers help kick off the campaign. >> problem is large. we believe working together everyone who needs a meal can get one. >> these barrels will be set up in offices and businesses. the faces are real. bella and chris receive food from second harvest when their parents lost their jobs large corporations do make donations. making sure people do not go hungry. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> producer behind "the newsroom" is developing a show about oakland city hall. >> the show is called city hall. it is said to be a political drama. officials still deciding whether to cop rate with the producers. we spoke to a city council woman not sure this is what
4:57 pm
oakland needs now. >> this is important people take their representatives seriously. >> when pressed about who she'd like to see play her, she suggested geena davis. there has been tongue in cheek suggestions that margaret cho could handle the role. the rock might do a good job of playing police chief. >> the window for the mavericks surfing contest opens on friday. >> wow. 24 of the best surfers will attempt to take on the waves. >> organizers say it will go into march. >> hopefully, it will be a go this year. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. mortgage seminar that could help awe just interest payments and stay in your home. >> the points sergio romo wanted to make with his tee shirt. the big talker following world series celebrations. >> a november warm up is coming up. will it happen this weekend? find out coming up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. there is help available now nor people in trouble with their mortgages.. >> that f.that is you there is a powerful option available. we're live with the story. heather? >> there was a line to get in here this morning but nothing like the line of thousands to get into the cow palace for a similar event in 2009.
4:59 pm
organizers helping people with mortgages fear that is because people in trouble have given up and maybe they just need to be reminded help is available. this is offering similar services. that is the sound of success. on one side of the hall, homeowners need help with mortgages they can no longer afford. other side, lenders. bringing them together face-to-face is a counselor from neighborhood assistance corporation of america. naca. >> it's harder for a lender to say no when they're looking in their eyes and meeting their children than on the phone. it's personal interaction that gets it done. have you a negotiator with you to make sure it gets done. >> the founder and ceo has been at this 24 hours but he only took the nonprofit on the

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